In recent years, out company has implemented several large projects of delivery, mounting, and commissioning of systems of projection and conferencing equipment.
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After-sales and post-warranty maintenance

At the present-day stage of real estate market development, whether commercial and housing, it is not sufficient to construct or reconstruct a real estate facility with good quality. It is important to maintain its investment and operating attractiveness during the whole life cycle.

Maintenance of investment attractiveness of a facility depends to a considerable degree on who and how operates the building/room. In today’s competitive environment, companies seek to minimize their expenses through cutting of operating expenses and saving on high-quality maintenance of engineering, information and other systems. Failure to understand an obvious truth that a greedy man pays twice the price not only does not help to reduce aggregate expenses of the company, but also results in prompt wearing of equipment, and as a result, to additional expenses for repair or, all the worse, to full replacement of units and equipment. 

FLIT company performs comprehensive maintenance of engineering infrastructure of buildings as follows:

  • Heat supply systems
  • Heating systems
  • Cold water supply and sewerage systems
  • Electrical equipment systems
  • BMS
  • Air-conditioning systems (incl. precision)
  • General ventilation
  • Industrial ventilation systems
  • Antismoke ventilation systems
  • Security and fire alarm systems
  • Firefighting systems
  • CCTV
  • Voice notification systems
  • Public address systems
  • Public TV reception systems


Long operational experience and skilled personnel of our company ensure high level of reliability and infallibility of engineering systems, minimize maintenance cost, protect the Customer’s business process against problems related to real estate operation. Our company undertakes maintenance of systems installed by other operators, and in some cases, after initial checkup, takes it under warranty.

During more than ten years already, FLIT company, being a system integrator, seeks to make maintenance a natural continuation of cooperation with its clients. Among our clients are East Commerce; Russian copper company; Bank HSBC; Sberbank of Russia; ZHASO Insurance company; Office center at Sokol, 1С Company; Universal sports complex CSKA; Control and audit directorate of Moscow; Central territorial agency of real estate department of Moscow; World Class Lady’s fitness club at Profsoyuznaya; ROSSTAT; Hewlett Packard; 3М Russia, and many other organizations.

High-quality maintenance and timely prevention of failures of engineering systems of a building/room allow maintaining high level of equipment reliability. Our clients have a real possibility to upgrade quickly engineering systems. All this enables increasing of the efficiency of the core business of our clients.

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