In recent years, out company has implemented several large projects of delivery, mounting, and commissioning of systems of projection and conferencing equipment.
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The situation when, at the construction and mounting stage, there are a multitude of details which were not taken into account in the design, is common. As a rule, introduction of a great number of adjustments in course of the project implementation requires the Customer’s attention, distracts it from its main business, and the main contractor may also require increasing of the financing. As a result, there is something absolutely different from what the Customer wanted.

We strongly believe that design must be performed by specialists who perfectly know all twists and turns of projected systems. That’s why FLIT company urges the Customers to involve our specialists to designing.

Our company has its own staff of highly skilled designers in different areas. We have frequently acted as General designer of all engineering systems. Such approach guarantees to our Customer compatibility of separate engineering solutions, allows avoiding partial doubling of different systems and equipment, and as a result, optimizing of costs for construction of building engineering systems.

Continuous cooperation of designers with mounting department allows us to implement projects maximally approached to real-life environment of mounting works on a site.

The majority of projects we implement are submitted for relevant appraisal of Supervisory authorities of the RF. Wherein our specialists directly participate in consideration and protection of projects at relevant bodies.

We guarantee that all project solutions will be made on up-to-the-minute level, however taking into account peculiarities of a specific building and the budget assigned by Customer. We think it absolutely consistent that, after approval of the project, the customer charges our company to perform supply, mounting and equipment commissioning operations.

We guarantee that systems we install will be brought into operation without additional, not previously anticipated expenses.

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