In recent years, out company has implemented several large projects of delivery, mounting, and commissioning of systems of projection and conferencing equipment.
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Quality management system

The quality management system at FLIT company is based on requirements of international standards ISO 9001.

The company policy in quality management aims at enhancing the level of services provided in main lines of business: designing, mounting and maintenance of security and engineering systems of buildings, general contractor’s duties.

Availability of designing and mounting departments, continuous practice of our specialists in implementation of engineering projects allow us to maintain high level of attainment of our specialists, to ensure close cooperation with largest suppliers and manufacturers of equipment. The majority of our specialists have been trained at specialized training centers organized by manufacturers, with issuance of qualification certificates.

The company has worked out corporate quality management standards which are regulative documents specifying rules, regulations and other requirements in the area of standardization applied at the company. They cover such areas of the company operations, as circulation of documents, ensuring of quality of designing and engineering documentation, quality control over jobs performed: performance and commissioning of civil and mounting works, maintenance and routine maintenance, logistics, system of moral and financial encouragement for labor quality enhancement, personnel training patterns, internal audit.

The quality management system applied allows the company to take the leading position in the area of integrated services for building engineering system.

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