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Occupational health and safety

First-priority component of our company’s activities associated inseparably with its business are occupational health and safety issues, employees’ health and life preservation.

The company has developed measures to preserve employees’ health and life in course of production activities, prevention of incidents, accidents and injuries, on site as well as in office. These comprehensive measures include legal, socioeconomic and organizational and technical, sanitation and hygienic and other steps required for compliance with occupational health and safety regulative requirements established at the company.

Working conditions in conformity with labor rules and regulations of the RF are ensured at each business unit of the company, at workplaces of employees, on construction sites; the company respects employees’ rights guaranteed by the laws of the Russian Federation (LABOR CODE OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION).

To ensure occupational health and safety, the company:

  • has created an occupational health and safety department (OHS), appointed officers in charge for handling occupational health and safety issues, approved descriptions of their duties, rights and responsibility assigned;
  • has worked out and implements comprehensive measures to fulfill occupational health and safety regulations; implemented safe labor techniques and technologies, scientific and technical developments, requirements of ergonomics; applied best OHS practices of other organizations;
  • has ensured elimination of causes of injuries and accidents, occupational diseases; takes measures to remove hazardous and unhealthy factors;
  • works out and approves occupational health and safety regulations, instructions and other regulative documents establishing working procedures and employees conduct rules having effect in the territory of the organization, on construction sites, at workplaces;
  • performs permanent supervision of observance by the employees of processes, rules of operation of machinery, units, equipment and other means of production, use of collective and personal protective equipment, performance of jobs in conformity with occupational health and safety requirements;
  • upon entering employment and during the job, all employees undergo a briefing (training) to occupational health and safety, first aid to persons injured following an accident, rules of conduct at emergencies.

Thus, our company has ensured safe and healthy working conditions for employees, elimination of any production situation endangering their life or health, and the environment.

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