The head office of the bank Petrocommerce is situated at the intersection of Petrovka Street and Rakhmanovsky lane. It so happened that the bank premises are located on two sides of Rakhmanovsky lane: main part in the head office building, the additional in the premises of the Marine house on the opposite side (tenancy).
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Redesign of the FLIT company site completed

FLIT company is the Russian engineering company, one of leaders in the field of integration and automation of building engineering systems, has completed the full redesign of its corporate web site The new site has been made user-friendly and arranging extensive information on the company activities posted on the site.

As Andrei Mikhelev, Executive director of FLIT company, noted: ‘We are confident that our new site will be easy-to-use and informatory for our current and potential clients. We sought to emphasize up-to-date engineering solutions that we use, as well as operational experience that we gained during 14 years of operations.’

FLIT company has been established in 1994. Today, it is a tight-knit team of highly skilled specialists performing designing and mounting, as well as maintenance and after-sales servicing of all engineering systems of buildings. From the very beginning of its establishment, one of the main activities of FLIT company was and has been providing of services to corporate Customers. Permanent attention is paid to low-cost projects for medium- and small-size businesses. Projects in different Russian cities are performed within the contract supervision activity. An important activity line is performance of separate project parts in cooperation with large design engineering organizations. Wide operational experience of FLIT company, up-to-date approaches to designing, gradual transition to building of engineering systems within the 'intellectual building’ concept give to its clients ample opportunities to optimize operating expenses for building, control and management of integrated systems, including life-support and security systems. 

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