In recent years, out company has implemented several large projects of delivery, mounting, and commissioning of systems of projection and conferencing equipment.
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Environmental protection

The environmental protection is an aggregate of technical and organizational measures allowing to reduce to minimum or absolutely exclude harming pollution impact on biosphere.

As an engineering company implementing construction projects which may negatively impact all environmental components, FLIT company is concerned with choice of the most efficient environmental solutions, reduction of harming factors for the environment.

In its activities, the company is governed by requirements of the Russian laws (Federal Law No. 7-FZ dated January 10, 2002 ‘ON ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION’ and other rules and regulations), ensuring, at all activity stages, environmental safety of jobs associated not only with disposal of environmental-harmful substances, but also elimination of pollution causes.

As one of the most important environmental protection issues, the collection, removal and disposal of production waste and household rubbish are considered as an integral part of nature conservation technologies reducing the risks of negative impact on environment, applied by the company in course of construction of facilities. Special attention if given to disposal of such waste which may contain substances and compounds maintaining their negative impact on environment during long time.

Any technological process in course of construction shall not harm the environment, and, for this reason, already at designing, a set of relevant measures is provided for in respect of a specific construction project, as well as identification of eventual hazards and emergencies and appraisal of associated risks are not passed over.

For each construction facility, the company works out, together with project documentation, specific environmental protection measures aiming at prevention and reduction of negative impact to an admissible level.

Aware of how important it is to preserve the environment from any negative factors, the company uses in its business operations only certified materials and equipment.

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