The head office of the bank Petrocommerce is situated at the intersection of Petrovka Street and Rakhmanovsky lane. It so happened that the bank premises are located on two sides of Rakhmanovsky lane: main part in the head office building, the additional in the premises of the Marine house on the opposite side (tenancy).
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History of the company

FLIT company has been established in 1994. We started with building of local area network (LAN), but branched out into new activities every year:

1994: structured cabling systems (SCS) and active network equipment.

1995: PBX.

1996: power equipment, uninterrupted power supply units (UPS), solutions for technological grounding systems. Power failures and requirements to equipment of telecommunication centers require the use of uninterrupted power supply units (UPS) with specially laid power wiring. The company has launched its own manufacturing of power electric service panels and automatic equipment.

1997: precision air-conditioning systems for engineering premises. With increasing implementation of office solutions based on the use of telecommunication and server equipment, equipping of data processing centers with special ventilation and air-conditioning systems has become indispensable. Depending on heat generation and density of equipment placing, solutions most fitting for this kind of equipment are used.

1998: security alarm, access control and video surveillance systems. It used to believe that these systems should operate independently, and each of them should have an independent control and operating systems. Nowadays, more attention is paid to integrated security systems. Wherein designing and commissioning is always custom-made, there are no two identical systems. In each case, the technical solution, most convenient for the customer, is chosen.

1999: fire alarm, fire-prevention automation, voice alarm systems.

2000: Flit company becomes member of SIRIUS Association engaged in system integration and development of information and management systems for federal-level projects.

2002: the company establishes a separate branch engaged in technical operation of engineering systems of buildings.

2003: Building management system (BMS). Increased requirements to security, comfort and power saving efficiency of present-day buildings require considering automation systems as separate systems which serves as connecting link of all engineering systems of a building.

2003: first projects of equipping of data processing centers (DPC) with engineering systems, including SCS, uninterrupted power supply, gas fire extinguishing, precision air-conditioning, automation and monitoring systems.

2004: heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems in buildings. The company has established a department which performs the full range of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning works in buildings, including designing and mounting. Nowadays, specialists assess a building not only in terms of microclimate in rooms and features of its control. The most important feature is power efficiency. Only knowing equipment manufacturers and available technologies and standards allow creating an efficient and cost-effective system of microclimate in a building.

2005: water supply and sewerage, water fire extinguishing systems. Properly designed and mounted water supply and sewerage systems operate without such problems as low pressure, equipment short life, premature pipeline corrosion, leakages, clogging, problems with ventilation of sewage networks, hydraulic shocks.

2006: the company acts as a single contractor for turnkey construction of all engineering systems of a building.

Today, FLIT company is a tight-knit team of highly skilled specialists. We perform designing and mounting works, as well as maintenance and after-sales servicing of mounted systems using our own resources.

From the moment of FLIT company establishment, one of main activity was and has been servicing of corporate clients. Permanent attention is paid to low-cost projects for medium- and small-size businesses. Projects in different Russian cities are performed within the contract supervision activity.

Major activity line is performance of separate project parts in cooperation with large design engineering firms. Wide hands-on experience of FLIT company, up-to-date approaches to designing, gradual transition to construction of engineering systems within the ‘intelligent building’ concept allow our clients to optimize their building operating expenses, to control and manage integrated systems, including life-support and security systems.

We pay our main attention to use-proven technical solutions which guarantee high reliability level. That’s why we use materials, components and equipment of leading world manufacturers. Our partners are reputed Russian and foreign construction companies.

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